Into Nepal

In the summer of 2016, the ULM Wesley took a group of 13 individuals across the world to the country of Nepal. This experience allowed us to show the love of God to the people of Nepal in various ways. We shared the presence of God with everyone with whom we came in contact and got a unique opportunity to preach and lead worship at a local church in the remote village in the mountains.

Our main reason for going to Nepal was to show God's love in a practical way through the building of a hostel. Many of the children walk a far way, some up to 8 hours round trip, to and from school. This hostel acts like a dormitory for these students to live during the week while they go to school. The hostel will be able to hold up to 16 students. 

Into Nepal Continued: 


The ULM Wesley Foundation is continuing our work with the Chepang village following our summer 2016 mission trip to Nepal. We will be building a two room school for 42 students (ages 4 - 4th grade) in a remote village. This village lost their school in the 2015 earthquake. You can help us build the elementary school in Nepal by purchasing a t-shirt from the ULM Wesley Foundation for $18 ($15 for the shirt plus $3 for shipping and handling). 100% of the proceeds go towards building the school. To purchase a shirt, click here!